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ZET 210
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up to 500 kHz, 16 bits
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16 channels,
up to 8 kHz, 24 bits
ZET 230
4 channels,
up to 100 kHz, 24 bits
ZET 302
2 channels,
up to 50 MHz, 8 bits
ZET 410, ZET 411
2 channels,
up to 100kHz
ADC/DAC 24/4
2 channels,
up to 1 kHz, 24 bits
ADC/DAC 14/32
32 channels,
up to 400 kHz, 14 bits
ADC/DAC 14/2
1 channel,
up to 2 MHz, 14 bits


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ZET 302 oscilloscope

USB oscilloscope

The ZET 302 digital oscilloscope is designed for monitoring high-frequency signals in the range of up to 20 MHz. The 50 MHz ADC and equivalent sampling mode allow you to increase the effective rate to 500 MS/s. The oscilloscope is connected to a PC by a USB 2.0. This palmtop device saves space in the laboratory.

ZETScope for ZET 302 USB-oscilloscopeZET 302 digital oscilloscope

The ZET 302 operates in a specialized software environment called ZETScope, included with the device, which emulates desktop oscilloscope operation. The mathematical signal processing allows you to observe the spectrum of the signal and evaluate the signal parameters: mean, rms, peak value, full scale, signal rate and time period. Additional cursors along the vertical and horizontal axes facilitate the task of measuring individual signal parameters: rise time, decay time.

Click here to see what the ZET 302 oscilloscope looks like and its dimensions

Analog input

Number of input channels


Conversion frequency

Up to 50 MHz

Sampling frequency

Up to 500 MS/s


0 - 20 MHz

Number of ADC bits


Maximum input voltage

±50 V

Dynamic range

84 dB

Input impedance

1 MOhm

Input capacitance

20 pF

Input protection at power on

Р ’ РВ ™Р В Р†Р‚Р В±200 V

Interchannel interference *

-50 dB

Connection at the input


Supported attenuation factors of the probe

1X, 10X

* Measured when V/div and communication at the inputs have the same values

Data recording

Data recording modes

Sample, peak detection, averaging

Number of averagings in averaging mode

4, 8, 16, 32, 64

Signal interpolation

Linear, sin (x)/x

Range of V/div

2 mV/div - 5 V/div

Range sec/div

10 ns/div - 50 s/div


Types of synchronization

Along the rising edge, descending front

Source Sync

Channel 1, Channel 2

Synchronization modes*

Automatic, regular

Synchronization delay

Up to half of the display interval

* In normal mode data collection occurs only when the synchronization conditions are fulfilled
ZETScope emulates desktop oscilloscope operation

All the high-performance features and capabilities of the oscilloscope are controlled through the intuitive front-panel interface. All the most important functions and menus are accessible through the front panel with control buttons, allowing you to choose the necessary function with just one click. All the user-defined beam line offsets (time delays along the horizontal axis) and vertical displacement of the rays can be transferred to the original zero position with a single touch of a button. By pressing the regulator of the deviation coefficient V/div, you can switch between the calibrated fixed position V/div and continuously adjustable gain control, and by pressing the Time/div button you can make a rapid switch to input signal zoom mode. The buttons on the front panel open and close the screen menus and have button backlights with active operational modes, telling the user which mode the oscilloscope is in.


Power consumption

5 W


+5 V

Dimensions, mm


Weight, g


System requirements:

  • Processor type: Intel Pentium 4, D; Celeron D; Core 2 Duo;
  • Minimum RAM: 512 Mb;
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP ServicePack 2 or later version;
  • USB bus: HighSpeed USB 2.0.

ZETScope for ZET 302 USB-oscilloscope

The basic package includes: ZET 302 oscilloscope, registration certificate, CD-ROM with software, as well as:



ProbesProbes with a switch to direct input and input from the 1:10 divisor, input impedance 10 MOhm, input capacitance 20 pF. The package includes probe markers, clamps and clips to facilitate working with the probe
220 V adapter220 V adapter for powering the oscilloscope
USB 2.0 cableUSB 2.0 cable for connecting the oscilloscope to a PC

Additional options and accessories:

Block diagram of the ZET 302 oscilloscope


ZET 302 USB oscilloscope

10 200 rubles



Price, rubles.

Circuit board for connecting probes Prototyping board for connecting probes. Convenient board for prototyping and learning. Comes with a set of jumpers.

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